Part 3 2016-2017

Part 3 reflects the third year of my natural hair journey since the big chop in 2013. 


I was so looking forward to seeing how long my hair had become at 3 years exactly. I planned on giving it a bone straight stretch, hoping to do a comparison between the current length in natural and the permed hair I chopped off. I prepared myself adequately with heat protectants and had my hair well-conditioned, detangled and moisturized. I had high expectations, in fact I thought my current length was longer than that of the relaxed hair I had prior to the big chop.

Reality: As I applied the heat, the smell and smoke that came out! I just couldn’t do it. I immediately reduced the heat and stretched it just enough not bone straight. It was disappointing to find that the hair wasn’t as long as I thought. I actually thought during my 1st year of being natural, my hair grew faster than the 2nd year. Anyway, I styled it in updos mostly, since it was stretched.


Reasons why my hair did not grow so well in the second year;

ü  Trimming every 3 to 6 months because I like my hair to be the same length everywhere

ü  Changing hair dyes frequently because I easily get bored

ü  Reducing hair treatments since I thought I had become a pro, and

ü  Probably, lack of protective styling but I must admit am not a fun of protective styling.

After feeling bad and depressed about my hair, I thought long and hard. Life is too short to worry about everything and natural hair should not be one of my problems, it should not be all about length and protective styling. I decided to enjoy it and make it look good and healthy of course. My feel good style was Bantu Knots after a long time.


I even did a comparison on 2013 vs 2016 and i thought its all good. 

Later I put it away in my DIY Faux locks


Started with an amazing Twist Out, the feel good one. Where even when you are walking, it is with chin up.


Then my cheat bun, only this time with a twisted Kanekolone bund around it to make it different.


I later took to a protective style. My new found love, the Crochet Braid done by NAS Salon which I loved very much because I could style it in Bantu knot out, twist out or fluffed out. This was amazing as it gave me a natural hair look with different curls.




Tired of the Crochet Braid, I removed it and thought I would style my hair in flexi rods or perm rods but I was too lazy for that. I ended up doing Wash and Gos for two weeks.


Then the energy came and I did bantu knot out the next week


In the last week of the month, I stretched my hair using the African threading method and did updos


By close of month, I felt guilty I could tell my hair needed a break. So I had my hair flat twisted at NAS Salon for natural hair. I wanted the protective style to be gentle on my edges and just comfortable.


In April I did updos on not so stretched hair. I was too lazy to do African threading. So I did two braids to stretch freshly washed hair. Note that the first day my hair was still looking course but as the week progressed the hair stretched more from the night braids I used to maintain the hair stretched


I mostly did Wash and Gos and puffed it up


Updos, and


Bantu knot out pushed backwards, and


A soft protective style