part 2- hair journey 2015

My Natural Hair Journey Part Two is a continuation of documentation of my natural hair growth and styles. It summarises the good and bad hair experiences and styles in form of pictures of the year 2015. Details of how I achieved some of the styles are on the blog either as descriptive tutorials or pictorials including products used.

 JANUARY 2015-I was so excited because it was my 2nd nappy anniversary. I planned on blow drying my hair for the  first  time and do my first length check since the big chop. I very much wanted to see my hair straight and flat ironed but I just couldn’t flat iron. I ended up blow drying using the tension method on low heat because I couldn’t find a proper heat protectant. Any ways, I was impressed with the length and I retained and styled it like this.



Happy to celebrate my 2nd year natural hair anniversary and did these fancy updos the whole week. I called them my bonus stretched natural hair styles during the first week of January!



I also did curly styles


And a Chunky Twist Out

Apart from learning and discovering updos, I also resolved that I would do more protective styles and I started with box braids that I installed myself to prevent receding hairline issues.

Box Braids can be interesting too


Box Braids can be interesting too

 Box braids that I installed myself. See how I care for my hair in braids and how to reduce excess shedding loss of hair when undoing the braids.

FEBRUARY- I was more carefree, I just loved the freedom I got from free afros. The idea that you can wake up, spritz hair, finger comb and go was too good to be true but it was.

I also redid updos of January but slightly different

MARCH – Was about something different; TWISTS as opposed to twist out. I felt my hair needed a break from the manipulation so I had twists on for a week, it was a very nice protective style in that it was light, airy and I was able to moisturize easily. The only problem was I could not leave them loose because I didn’t like how few they looked , which means my hair has lower density.


I also did a wash and go with gel which lasted a week

Chunky twist out on the river banks of the Zambezi River at David Livingstone hotel.


And later, some shrinkage at the Victoria Falls and the boiling point

Even the lions at the Big Five/Mukuni Village –Livingstone understood our shrinkage problems and bonded with us nicely as we went in the lion’s den with peace.

APRIL – Most of April I had stretched hair. To prevent heat damage, I stretched my hair without the use of heat by “African threading it” See the immediate pic below showing my conditioning, detangling, threaded and stretched hair after threading and later styled.


I did Finger Coils for a break/ protective style that I styled differently and could last upto 3 weeks but I got tired of them  before and took them out .

And I had a Finger Coil out


              MAY – I missed the curls so much, I decided to go curly with;



A Perm Rod set


Puff it up when curls died out 

Lastly, this, I don’t know what to call it but it looks like a lazy scrugly updo.


JUNE – I had a protective style on, I attempted Faux Locs on myself after watching you tube videos and I loved them. I left them loose and sometimes tied them up.


JULY- I had curly styles , updos  and afro puffs


A Permrod set



AUGUST- I experimented with my hair by doing several updos


I also did free afros


At this point, I got bored with my hair and decided to the colour it black and twisted out


SEPTEMBER – I tried a Flexi rod set


Then I puffed it up days later


The hair felt dry so I spritz it more and finger combed out the curls to make an afro but I ended up doing a mini updo.


Then I had a change of plan from curls I made braids in my hair  to stretch it and made an updo.


And then my favourite, a twisted bun


OCTOBER- is the hottest month in Zambia; I couldn’t get myself to styling my hair in a way that would bring it in my face or neck. I therefore did wash and gos and small cornrows in the sides and just changed the folds of hair in the centre.


Wash n go with a summer hat


I also did cornrows and twists in the centre of the head which I very much enjoyed having.


NOVEMBER- Flat twist









DECEMBER- I changed my hair colour to brow and golden brown, 2 colours which I like for a week only. Style wise I did RTPs, Flat twist, Twist and pins


And finally, when the curls died out as usual, I finger combed them out into a curly afro


Which made me dislike how my hair looked with the drown dye, it looked dirty-ish. So I went back to black. I know, too soon but I just had to do it because I was not going to enjoy my hair.


A flat twist out!


I then puffed the flat twist out after 3 days when curls were gone. This style basically closed off my natural hair journey 2015. I must say I learnt a great deal of updos and I managed to style my hair without extensions or weaves. 2015 ended on a good note. The only work I have left is to intensify deep conditioning and moisturizing due to the over dying during the last months.

Something of great importance I didn’t talk about is the trimming of hair which I did every 3 to 6 months and I think I may have over done it.

 Looking forward to 2016 and thank you for subscribing hope this helps this has been helpful.  Please feel free to comment or give feedback.