Part1-hair journey

Part one basically documents the 1st year of my natural hair journey, thus from month 1 to months 12. It will show pics and give brief descriptions of hair emotions I was experiencing. I was so excited when I cut my hair because I could shower from head to toe without worrying about water ruining my style. However, after 2 to 3 months I got bored and had no idea what else I could do with the short hair apart from wash and go. So kept it in different protective styles for about 3-5 months while I researched on products, how to care for and style my hair. At 8 months being natural I started experimenting with Bantu knots, Twist out, Wash and Gos with gel and mini puffs with accessories. It was amazingly liberating to go for months without extensions i.e. weaves or braid and  for the first time seeing how versatile and manageable my hair had become.




MARCH, APRIL  & MAY, 2013. @ 3, 4 & 5  MONTHS



Not knowing what to do with my short hair I ran to different Protective styles for about 3 months and watched a lot of video tutorials on how to care and style natural hair. I developed a lot of hair envy and felt mine was not growing fast enough.



This stage was the most amazing in terms of managing my hair, I could shampoo anytime, no worries with tangles and used less products. Water, Olive oil, glycerine and tea tree and lavender were enough but  it was boring to have one style. I needed something different, something more but the only different thing was to do different protective styles until August.

















Month 8. August, 2013. My 1st Bantu knot out
















 The Bantu knot out became my staple, the curls lasted longer for about a week which made my styling easier. It was something different from the usual wash and go and the shaggy look. I must say I loved the look.

SEPTEMBER at 9 Months















OCTOBER at 10 months




November 11 months



December 2013 at 12 months