Why i decided to go natural

I got tired of the burns on my scalp as a result of relaxers each time I retouched my hair. I also wondered why my hair was not growing passed shoulder length yet a month after retouching new growth would reappear.  I also realised that my hair was thicker and healthier when I stayed longer without retouching, which meant I had to deal with two textures of hair.

Managing two textures was a challenge and extremely painful, if you have had relaxed hair you know what I am talking about. This made me realise that if I could take care of hair with two textures I could as well deal with one. At this point going natural became an option plus I wanted to see how long my hair would grow in its natural state. Since my perm never passed shoulder length. 


I tried to transition for three months, went to a salon for a haircut but the salon ladies discouraged me from cutting because according to them, my hair was healthy and long. So I retouched again but after 2 weeks I was convinced I was ready to chop it all off.

On 1st January, 2013, I Big Chopped (BC) my hair without transitioning exactly 2 weeks after my last relaxer. I chopped the front myself then a cousin helped with the rest of the head. 


Monday morning, I reported for work, full of confidence with my red lipstick and more makeup on, trying not to look like a man. I got reactions that I couldn't interpret whether they were negative or positive like, what happened to your hair? ‘You cut your hair? ’How is your husband taking it? Anyway your hair grows fast. But I told myself to be comfortable in my own skin and work with what I naturally had and stopped caring what other people thought was or wasn’t fly enough, after all it was my choice, my hair most of all hair grows back!

A month later I dusted off the cat-like relaxed hair remaining on my ends. I basically kept my hair in a not so shaggy look but got bored after 2 months. It then downed on me that the hair was too short to do any other styles. Not knowing what to do with the length, I decided to keep it in different protective styles over a period of five months. See pictures under my journey part one.