My regimen is so simple

Here is what I do;

I shampoo my hair once every week with Cream of Nature Argan Oil Sulfate free shampoo and once a month with Auntie Jackie’s Girls, Heads up Moisturizing and Replenishing Shampoo

* Followed by deep conditioning for 30 minutes under a heating cap weekly with Luscious Deep conditioner or Shea Moisture deep conditioning mask, of course with hair covered in a shower cap to avoid spills. I sometimes add olive oil to the conditioners to improve on them.

I also use DIY conditioners a lot with foods from my kitchen like Avocado, Banana, Mayonnaise, Greek Yogurt etc to deep condition my hair. However, to add slip to my DIY Conditioners, I add cheaper conditioners, my favourite is V05

*     Once in a while I Co-Wash mid-week with VO5 Moisture Milks Conditioner or Shampoo with African Black soap.

*     I rinse and blot off excess water then apply leave in conditioner Kinky Curly Knot Today or Luscious Leave in conditioner or Cantu leave in conditioner and finger detangle.

*     Next I lightly massage Coconut oil to the scalp and apply Coconut or Olive oil or a mix of both to the hair concentrating on the ends. You can use your favourite oils. I have also use other oils like Jojoba, grape seed, JBCO and essential oils depending on my mood but my favs are coconut and olive oil.

*     Lastly, I Seal with my shea butter mix “AfroSisi Moisturizing, Sealing butter”or Bodascious butter balm by Liscious concentrating on the ends of the hair and style as desired when hair is 60% dry so that it doesn’t take longer than overnight to air dry.

On a daily basis, I spritz my hair twice daily in hot and dry months to avoid breakage as it tends to dry out quickly or once every other day in cooler months. It also depends on the hair style I have, on stretched hairstyles i.e. updos, RTP or Buns I moisturize twice daily since I re-stretch by doing big braids "Vikuti" in the evening and restyle in the morning. Trust me! you don’t want to work with dry and brittle hair. 

Night Routine

I sleep in a Satin Cap to prevent moisture loss, friction and frizz but when air drying hair overnight I sleep on a Satin Pillow Case to allow air do its job.

I rarely do protective styles but I do low manipulation styles stretched and curly thus buns,updos and twists, bantu knots respectively. I am still discovering new products. Hope this helps you build your own regimen, remember hair differs, what works for me might not work for you.

So If you are in Zambia and need help with styling and selecting safe products for your hair, be sure to visit our salon NaturallyAfrosis (NAS) hair Salon for natural hair.