I am Nefuno Kabwe Chanda, married with two wonderful boys. I am Zambian, living in Lusaka, Zambia, Sub Sahara Africa. I big chopped without transitioning on 1st January, 2013. The internet has been my greatest resource; I read blogs and watched you tube videos. However, I had challenges finding the products and styling tools in my country that were used in the videos. The products had to be imported, were not readily available and were also not affordable which was not going to be sustainable. So I created a secret group on face book called Natural African Hair in order to share information on DIY products, safe commercial products and where to get them from in Zambia and styling technics. I realised quite a number of ladies had natural hair but were hiding it under braids and weaves because they believed natural hair was difficult to maintain and I was about to change that by making information available. Since I had started documenting my natural hair journey which no one read, I thought why not share it with other naturalistas across the Globe on my website who might be having similar challenges. My goal is to discover countless sleek and formal natural hair styles for work and other formal events as well as return length to waist length after 5-6 years. I hope this is a realistic expectation. I also want to prove that natural hair can be decent and church-ish, playful, casual, and sassy. In short, that natural hair is actually manageable, versatile and grows.

Why i decided to go natural

I got tired of the burns on my scalp as a result of relaxers each time I retouched my hair. I also wondered why my hair was not growing passed shoulder length yet a month after retouching new growth would reappear.  I also realised that my hair was thicker and healthier when I stayed longer without retouching, which meant I had to deal with two textures of hair.

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My regimen

Here is what I do;

I shampoo my hair once every week with Cream of Nature Argan Oil Sulfate free shampoo and once a month with Auntie Jackie’s Girls, Heads up Moisturizing and Replenishing Shampoo

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NAS hair treatments

Prepoo and hot oil treatments

Protein Deep conditioning

Moisture deep conditioning